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Re: To call or not to call the doc...(update)

Well, I called the doc and saw him on Tuesday, pretty much all he said was that the baby is probably pushing on a nerve and my muscles are sore causing all the discomfort. He also did a test to make sure I wouldn't be going into labor in the next couple of weeks, but I haven't gotten the results back (should be today).

I went to the Perinatologist this morning and here is what she said...your baby is breech, measuring at 33 weeks, and weighing in a little over 5 pounds! The breech part doesn't scare me because I am a scheduled c-section. She said everytime that little baby wiggles her toes I'm going to feel it and it probably won't get any better, and she really doubts that the baby will flip around. She said to take it easy and don't be surprised if I don't make it to July 6th (scheduled cs). She definitely thinks the baby is more around 32-34 weeks rather than the 31 weeks. Since my daughter was only 7 months old and I had only gotten my period once before I got pregnant, I have NO IDEA when this all happened.

So, thanks for the advice to call the doc, I do feel emotionally better, but I still hurt like heck.

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