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Insurance VENT...

With my last pregnancy I had hyperemesis.. this pregnancy when I started getting signs of it I started taking Zofran right away so that I would not end up loosing 22 lbs in 3 weeks and in the hospital again.. not good! So.. been taking them and then today called to get a refill and the ins company wont cover them.. they will only cover 30 pills every 24 days even tho your supposed to take 3 per day. I have only been taking 2 per day..and was going to take them till I moved (id be 14 weeks) then ween off.. I really cant get sick now.. since i have been better the last week... So.. now either I have to take 1 pill per day and pay like 50 dollars for 1 pill or not take any at all.. I am soooo scared to get sick again.. I just started to bawl and cry.. I dont wanna get sick!! I was just starting to feel better!!
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