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Re: Labial Adhesions

Our new ped just noticed it on DD yesterday (very minor)--I'm SO mad our last ped didn't notice it at all...
Anyway, she, too said it was from a lack of estrogen keeping the area from being nicely lubricated. She sent us to Whole Foods to get calendula ointment (NOT cream or gel) and said it comes from a dandelion plant and actually has some plant-based estrogens in it, so it should help to topically moisten everything up, as well as jump-starting a bit of mucous production. We're supposed to put a tad on at ea. diaper change.
I feel good about using this natural item, so for those of you who are nervous about Rx and estrogen creams, maybe try this first? (My ped is a holistic dr. w/ degrees in both Eastern and Western meds, so she always suggests the natural cure first.)
DD has be CDd since she was 2m, since you asked. I guess I could see how the super-absorbancy of sposies could dry up that area even more, but really, the labia cover all those internal areas, so I don't know that there'd be a difference.
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