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Breast Cancer 3 Day!!!

Would anyone care to donate for me to do the Breast cancer 3 day. I have breast Awareness calender stickers to remind you to do a self breast exam each month. I can ship these out to you for $1.50??? Dont feel obligated or anything like that. I just would like to do it. I've never done anything like this before. And so much has happened to me in the past 3 years that I want to give back. If only to walk in memory of those who have died from this, and to hug those that have prevailed.
So ever since the commercials have been coming on, I've been inspired to walk in the 3 day to support breast cancer. I don't know anyone that has it or has ever had it, and its because of that reason why i want to walk. I'm healthy, my family is healthy. my friends are healthy, What more could i ask for? I think no matter what kind of cancer anyone gets, no one deserves to die from it or even have it at all. We all know, some of us too well, that it always seems to take the best ones. So for that I'm a grateful. I am grateful that everyone in my life is getting healthy, or in me and mel's case, getting healthy.
Im asking for support of any kind to raise money for me to walk. My friend Donna is walking with her family and I would like to walk as well. I would need to raise $$2200.00 for me to walk before November. Its also a $99.00 fee just to sign up. If anyone donates, friends, bands, friends of friends, I will wear everyones name or something to show that you guys helped me walk and that you are supporting the walk as well. I will advertise on my car your band and throw stickers or flyer's out my windows, lol.. Anything you want.
I am also thinking about walking in the March Of Dime's Walk for Premature Babies. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to donate to get me walking. And anything you want me to do Ask. And I will do it.
Thanks everyone!!!
www. the3day. org
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