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Re: Upper GI Test question

I can't answer the staining question, but I will say the following:

1. make sure YOU are the one feeding him the barium. my dd was 2 months old didn't even notice. she just started chugging away. she wouldn't have taken kindly to someone else force-feeding her.

2. if you're not preggers, get the lead apron and YOU be the one to hold your child down on the table. again, my dd thought it was somewhat of a game even when we put her in odd positions because mommy was the one holding her and talking to her.

3. be very upbeat. your ds will take your cue. if you are uptight, he'll flip. if you treat it like a game, he'll be fine. nothing will hurt, the worst part is the barium isn't bm/formula and it's kind of chilly in there.

4. put him in somehting that is two piece and that doesn't have any metal on it and that. they didn't make me strip my dd.

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