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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

Hey Mama! I say wait the year! My oldest son has an October b-day and he definitely was not mature enough at 4. Academically he was beyond his peers in pre-k, but that is not the only thing to look at. I do not regret waiting one bit, I truly believe it was the best thing for him. He is in 3rd grade now, one of the top students in his class, and even in enrichment for Math 2nd son has a Sept. b-day and we did not wait the year..and I kind of regret it. Academically he is right where he should be...but we have some issues with him sitting still. He has somewhat been diagnosed as ADHD...but in y heart(I am not in denial) I truly believe it also has something to do with immaturity. He is one of the youngest in his class and I believe that he could have benefited from the extra year home. He is in 1st grade now and right on grade level...had we waited maybe he also could be beyond grade level. He has no problems socially or anything..but the structure and rigor of the school day definitely is harder for him.

Also, being one of the older kids in the grade benefits them when they are older in athletics Their bodies are more mature! All of my brother in laws were held back a year and all made it to all county and or all state in football..where as my dh was not held back and although he was a great athlete, he did not make it that far. Just something to think about.

Just do whatever feels right for your family!! I wish you the best of luck and please feel free to pm me with any questions!!!
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