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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

My little brother was a late June baby. The cut off then was July 1st. Mom was paying for daycare in the mornings because she worked nights, so she sent him. He did fine in kindergarten for the short period of the day he was there.

But her big issue was that they would not let him repeat when he clearly needed to. The school insisted he go to first grade. She reluctantly let him go on and still regrets it. It was a disaster. He was too immature, had ADD, and academically was a mess all through elementary, dispite her very open communication with teachers and doing EVERYTHING she could at home. He couldn't sit still and they spent a fortune on tutors and social skills therapy for him to help him. Would he still have had problems? Maybe. But being a year older would definitely have helped.

So, before you go ahead, I would talk frankly with the school about how open they are to repeating if you think he needs it.
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