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Re: transitioning to her own bed and sleeping through the night?

My son will be 1 year tomorrow. About 3 months ago I began night weaning him. If getting up three times a night is too much for you, as it was for me, you might try holding and rocking your baby back to sleep instead of nursing for one of the waking times (the first one is what i would start with), then gradually move on to the other times she wakes, if she continues to wake. Your baby may need to be able to get to sleep some way other than nursing for naps, for consistency sake, if you can do that. Now, when my baby wakes up, I just go lay him back down in the crib and pat him, and sometimes sit on the floor of his room until he's back asleep. Some nights he sleeps right through, some nights he wakes. If it's around 5 a.m. or later I nurse him.
If your baby is feeding well during the day, she should be able to have a full enough tummy that it's not hunger that's waking her, but a desire to see Mommy and feel your closeness. Hopefully you can find a replacement for that that will work for you both. HTH!
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