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Re: SICK & TIRED of...

Well hello SISTA! I had almost the exact same problem with her. You can read my FB on eBay to her and from her. I still don't have my sling or a working diaper cover form the 12 I bought....I filed with PayPal too, got the nasty FB and emails from her...she "forgot" my order after 3 weeks (how do you "forget" $115.52 in your PayPal account??)....FB removal blackmail....the list goes on.....

I have emailed eBay over and over, emailed PayPal, etc. They do NOTHING. I have been back and forth with them....The reason that she advertises in our feedback is because it's illegal to do so, so if you report her to eBay for doing so, eBay's policy is to remove the she gets what she wants....removal of the negs from her FB. If you look at the "mutually withdrawn feedback" level on her FB, you'll see that they're all NEGS that got removed, some due to the advertising that she did.

Frankly, FB on our files from Little Lambs isn't really that important (that's the Good News!) .... As potential buyers of other people's auctions, those sellers will read her comments and yours and look in her eBay FB file to see how bad of a seller she is. Basically, she is giving herself a terrible name all over eBay.

Also, most sellers use to filter through people's feedback to see if they should sell to them or not. Go there - it's a GREAT site!

Obviously if people are still stupid enough to bid on her junk (and it's total junk) after reading all that negative FB, then they get what they deserve. When I ordered from her in November, there wasn't that much, and it looked pretty rare compared to her it's just overwhelming on the negs almost. If I had found her now, NO WAY would I buy from her.

It just makes her look super bad that she keeps posting the same bad feedback for people over and over, because one can only cry wolf so may times before people don't believe them anymore.

Christine, here's some HUGS because I SO know what you're going through. Do you want my LL dipes? They're all boy colors even though I bought girl colors....I don't mind that they're boy colors since they're so huge that I only use them at home, if then. I've been a CD mama for years through 3 kids, and BY FAR, these are THE WORST that I have in my stash.

I'm a single WAHM too, so I feel your pain about money...I thought they were inexpensive and "good" from her FB, but boy was I wrong. These are only good if you use the hemp inserts, which I did, so there's only some minor stains, if at all, on the white snap-ins....I'd buy more hemp doubler inserts, but definitely NOT from her.

Send me your address and maybe some bucks for shipping, I'll ship them out to you. I think I have 12 OS but will make sure on the number. I've never had a leak in any of them, but that's because I double fold the hemp doublers and my dainty DD is not a heavy wetter or pooper.

Also, I was gonna say that maybe we should all pool our cases & evidence to law enforcement and file a class action suit against her to shut her down...there are several free services that will do this for us mamas who don't have much money and law scholo students who would LOVE the chance to file a class action suit against a bad seller like her. Basically, she's VERY GUILTY of theft, and based on the amounts that all of us got taken for and that these are all interstate Federal crimes, the Federal Trade Commission could go after her for fraud and theft...eBay will then take note of this (even if it's only a threat on a legal letter sent to their legal dept) and most likely shut her down. Anyone want to join me?

Kristine with a K
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