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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

I have no idea...but I was just going to tell what's going on in our house..not that it necessarily compares. Anyway, my son is 4 (bday in January). He was really wanting to go to school and really needed a structured, activity-filled day so he started preschool this year - which means 2 yrs of preschool. Academically, he's ready for Kindergarten - and I'm not just saying that because I'm a proud mommy He's been evaluated and is ready....academically. I don't think he's totally there socially, although he will play with anyone. Where he still needs some time is with conflict resolution and stuff like that. If his bday were in December, he could test into K, but since it's January..he can't.

I don't know, I think if he's ready academically...go ahead and put him in and if he's anything like my kids - he'll adjust socially with time.
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