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Okay.... why is it I can get DD to go down for a nap no problem after her lunch as long as she's wide awake... but if she falls asleep in the chair, it's impossible to get her to nap because she wakes right up as soon as I transfer her to the crib and fights it tooth and nail?

She's 15.5 months old and we have a loose schedule with her. Lunch is usually at 11AM followed by a nap. Today, as happens every once in a while, she fell asleep while eating. I went to move her to the crib and as soon as I picked her up, she started screaming and fighting. Did not want back in the chair to eat, did not want her diaper changed, did not want a nap, and did not want me to hold her. I finally did get her calmed down, but then she wanted to play. Seeing as I know she needs a nap though, I put her in her crib... and now she's going through phases of being quiet (but apparently not sleeping because...) and screaming out in agony. I hate this! I try to do the right thing for her, but she doesn't want me, doesn't want anything... Right now she's quiet, but I have no idea if she went to sleep. And I hate CIO but honestly, it doesn't help if I'm with her either. She pushes me away.

Why do they do this?
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