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Re: April WW! Stop dieting start living!

Originally Posted by patty_o_furniture View Post
Highest not-pregnant-- 205
Start-- 189

Week 14-- 165.5
Week 15-- 165
Week 16-- 167
Week 17-- 164.5
Week 18-- 163

Loss-- 1.5
Total loss-- 26 pounds
Final: 150

I think I'm going to give up cold cereal in the morning. I've still been eating core cereals, but it seems I don't lose as well (plus am starving later!) with cold cereal. I think that might be where my slow losses come from. Half way through the week when I started eating oatmeal my weight loss shot up again.

I'm excited for hitting the 25 pound mark!
Whoo! No more .5 pound losses! I also found the oatmeal was VERY important for losing the weight for me.... I'm not sure if it's just the feeling full, or if the extra fiber is helping to lose the weight, but whatever it is, oatmeal is a must have at my house now!
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