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Re: is she weaned??

mama we are in the same exact spot! My DD is 19 months I'm 23 weeks prego. This past 2 weeks or so she hasn't asked for it, and only will if I offer it to her. I was pretty sad about it. I really didn't want her to ween. I was planning on tandem nursing! BUt I felt she was naturally weening so I just didn't offer her anymore and now it has been 4 days with no nursing I have to look at it this way. I did it for 19 months so she will have those antibody's and also now I will only have to nurse one when my son comes in aug. It's hard huh!! I miss it al;ready and it's like she is growing up all of a sudden! They grow up so fast! I was so amazed at how easily she weened herself! Hope you aren't as sad as I was! Happy thoughts your way!!
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