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getting early advice

I am not due until Oct. 20th. I had MAJOR BF'ing issues with DS though and I don't want to have those same issues again. I was not educated enough the last time and didn't know about this wonderful board for support. So, I am starting early getting info this time and asking questions.

Here's the problems I had with DS
He was slightly tongue tied
my supply was low
our latch was not good, so I had cracked nipples and would be in tears everytime he latched on.
I tried pumping to increase my supply, but it did not work at all. In fact, I think it made it worse.
I started to resent BF'ing and then mastitis set in. That pretty much did me in.

I want to do better this time. I want this to really work. Advice? Suggestions? tricks? anything. Help me start my BF'ing education and ways that I can problem solve quickly to fix our problems as they arise.

my #1 concern, I am scared I am going to have the same supply issue again. What can I get now to have on hand for when/if that happens?
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