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Re: Raw milk?

Originally Posted by acoffman View Post
Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to read what I can about it from Can you recommend other sites as well? Where are you located? Did you just contact a farm, or do you get your milk along with a co-op or group of people? I was in touch with what I think is the closest one to me, and it is herd sharing here. It figures out to be $5 a gallon by the time we are done, and with a family of 7, I was estimating 5 gallons a week. (total cost will be approx. $100) I have cut us back some, and maybe I could more. I am totally convinced of its benefits, and because my husband has been having stomach/digestion discomfort for awhile, I started buying primadopholis which is pretty expensive. I told him that the raw milk would have that healthy bacteria in it, which would save on the cost of the meds.
Every time I buy milk at the store, I feel guilty that we aren't switching yet.

WOW! Thank you for posting this website. I found a local farmer group (I guess a co-op). It is pricey $7 a gallon, BUT they deliver to your door! Just like the old milk men
Every Friday my milk man will come
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