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Re: getting early advice

DD1 literally took 3 months to latch on. I went through just about everything to get her to nurse and we won! One day, she just did it.
DD2 latched on the day she was born.
What I would do:
Find a good LC - meet with the ones at your hospital first and see what they have to say to you and if you like them. Mine was my saving grace. No way I would have stuck with it with DD1 without her. I went to see her several times a week for the first 3 months.
Get some nipple butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby or something similar. Very good stuff. Your nipples will toughen up very quickly. It just hurts at first.
Don't let them give you pain meds. I think this is one reason DD1 didn't latch.
Relax. It will happen just let baby nurse and your milk will flow - I think my milk took about 3 or 4 days to come in both times. Just make sure you stay hydrated.
Mastitis is so painful. I have had it twice. If you get some meds, it goes away fast. Also, switch LOs nursing position to relieve the pain immediately.
Pumping tears up your nipples way more than nursing does. I wouldn't pump unless you have to.
Good luck mama!!!
Loving my three beautiful girls And my hunky hubby
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