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Re: Have any of you ever dealt with someone that obviously dislikes children?

I don't know if it was because of ben or not but, I had him standing in the shopping cart basket. We were slowly walking down a horizontal isle when just as I was coming to an "intersection" a woman dashes in front of me puts here hand out and yealls "STOP!" then keeps walking, I was no where even close to the point where I would even touch her never mind run her down. So I said what is your problem? It wasn't like I was going to hit you or anything. She said you would've if you kept going at that speed. LOL Yeah maybe about 5 min later if she was standing still. I mentioned to DH what she said, he walked over and gave her a nasty look, then she appologized to him. It amuses me now, but I was really annoyed at the time.
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