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Re: Have any of you ever dealt with someone that obviously dislikes children?

Before I had kids there was a lady where I used to work that hated kids. She was in her 50's, never had kids, never married (and I'm guessing never dated), had lots and lots of cats, wore dirty baggy clothes to work and no bra, and would always eat straight out of the container that everyone was sharing at work parties. She was generally unpleasant. Whenever she would find out that someone was pregnant or was going to be a grandparent she told them how "disgusting" it was that people had kids. She said there were too many people in the world and people shouldn't have kids so young (in their 20's and 30's). She would go on and on right in front of the person calling having babies shameful and disgusting. I'm sure someone would have told her off, but she was generally crazy and everyone ignored her.
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