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Re: getting early advice

Originally Posted by Dire Wolf View Post
How did you begin your latch? If you have breasts larger than a C cup, you may want to sort of flatten the nipple to a sort of football like shape when putting it in baby's mouth. Also, rub the nipple on the edge of the mouth to encourage them to open really wide for a good latch. Also, wear loose support for your breasts for the first few weeks. Like tank tops with shelf bras or a nursing bra a cup too large. I did that with my second dd and I have had no mastitis issues and we just passed our one year milestone. Get the La Leche League manual, they have a section on babies with tongue tie. Also try to find a La Leche League group in your area, there may be women who have had the same problem and they may have advice that can help you overcome that problem should it arise. Dont stress about it too much, there is nothing you can do about nursing until the baby is born, so getting upset or worrying about it will help no one. I knowhow difficult that can be, but really try to just enjoy being pregnant and let the rest just be, kwim? HTH
I am a size b cup so, no real issues with a large cup size. I did notice that my nipples tend to invert when I would squeeze my breast to get it in his mouth. Could that be an issue? THanks for the other great advice. I am off to look for that book now. I am determined to try harder this time and really make it work. I think I just got too frustrated with everything and being a first time mom last time and just gave up.

Originally Posted by amybabya View Post
Find a good LC - meet with the ones at your hospital first and see what they have to say to you and if you like them.
the hospital LC was not the best. I met with her last time and she really was not a lot of help. I am going to find a LLL group here in town.

Get some nipple butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby or something similar. Very good stuff. Your nipples will toughen up very quickly. It just hurts at first.
I am going to get the nipple butter now so I can have it on hand and ready

Don't let them give you pain meds. I think this is one reason DD1 didn't latch.
nope, I don't do pain meds ever. They make me feel hyper and crazy. Motrin is all I will even think about touching.

Thanks so much guys. I know I am really early in the pregnancy, but I just want to be prepared. Last time, I didn't get a chance to try and nurse DS right after he was born either. I think that set us up for issues right from the start. by the time he was awake and ready to try and nurse, the LC could not be found anywhere and I couldn't get any help. Dh tried to help, but even with the two of us trying, we just couldn't get a good latch. When she FINALLY got in there, DS was sleeping and we of course could not get him awake at all. So, we went home from the hospital with me scared to death and feeling like I was starving him already. It just went downhill from there.
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