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Re: Have any of you ever dealt with someone that obviously dislikes children?

Originally Posted by blueblueMummy View Post
Unfortunately, my niece seems to have an aversion to kids. She also has an 8month old of her own and is in the middle of a heated divorce. She already has visitation worked out with the father, he gets the ds one week and she has him the next. OMG! I died when I found this out, how could she be away from her ds at this young age for a whole week! But it got worse, this weekend I found out that she spends very little time with him even on the week she has him. She would much rather leave him with her sister, friend or mother while she goes shopping or driving around. I walked in on her yesterday while she was changing him and he is a normal wiggly 8month old, she is yelling at him to be still and handling him less then gently. I sat down and talked to him while she finished, and he was fine. Later, she decided he needed a nap, so she put him down in the spare bedroom, turned out the light, shut the door and left. My mother had to go get him when he started crying so loudly everyone in the house could hear, and my niece was nowhere to be found. She just complains that he is so much trouble. All day she was handing him off to someone else and walking away. I think she sees him as a chore she really doesn't want to do, and gets no joy at all from him.
It was when she started yelling at my kids too that I had to step in and ask her to please respect the lo's as people, my mother had to speak to her about that too.
I just don't understand.
How sad...sorry to say it but it sounds like she shouldn't have any visitation with her DS at all, it seems she would be happier that way anyway from how you describe her....That poor little boy...I hope she snaps out of it before her son is old enough to understand how much his mother doesn't like him....We all get frustrated sometimes but really....
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