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Re: totally depresed and giving up

YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!! We are all human, and need some time to do things. I had many hurdles, too (thrush, cracked nipples, projectile puking, blocked ducts). The best thing for the excrutiatingly painful cracks tea bags! I'd never heard of it, but my midwife told me about them. The tannin in the tea heals the cracks, just wet them and put them in your bra for 20 min. Grated carrot is also great, just make sure it's cold...soothing! For the thrush I used gentian violet with GREAT results. Also, Dr. Jack Newman has a nipple cream that works well if your ped will prescribe it to you. For the blocked duct, I tried pumping but found my DD to be the best pump, so as soon as your breast is better and your DD will take it, giver. You can do this!! I know how hard it is...just lock yourself in a room and yell when it gets too much!
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