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Re: Constant nursing thru night and no schedule is killing me

I feel your pain If your willing to give it a try, this worked WONDERS for us. When my youngest who is 3 months now was still up every 2 hours (if I was lucky), colicy, gassy, and reflux at almost 2 months I ordered an Amby Sleep Hammock. BEST thing I ever did, I am not kidding, the first day we got it was the day she turned 2 months old, I put her in it (while she was still awake!) she looked so sweet-put her arms above her head and slept for 6 HOURS! Woke up, I nursed, put her back in the Amby, slept 4 more hours. She has never slept less the 4 hours since we got the swing and usually sleeps about 8 now. No Joke, best investment ever.
You can check out the website or ebay. They also have a huge resale value. Good Luck~Keep the faith
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