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Question What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

I just want to compare notes.. Andrew just turned 2 the end of March and I'm curious if his skills are comparable to other children his age.. He says lots of single words and a few 2-3 word sentences like:

There you go.
Here you go.
Let's go! (followed by a 'woo hoo!' )
Wanna drink.
Wanna snack.
Daddy go.
Where daddy? (or other words like bubba, sissy, sasa, dog, shoes etc)
Thank you.
Scuse me.
Hey guys.
Uh-oh broke it.
Oh no!
Go bye-bye
Go pee-pee
Want ninny (or titty thanks to dh!.. )

I can't think of others right now, I'll edit and add more if I think of any more.. but I wonder if this is enough? Or average? His speech is getting more understandable since getting his tubes in February, but strangers sometimes have a hard time understanding what he's saying.
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