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Re: totally depresed and giving up

Oh, you are making me so sad. With my 2nd child (first I nursed) was a babe I went through the same thing. I remember being in so much pain, from cracked nipples and full breasts because he couldn't latch on and I would just stand in the shower and cry.
I was ready to give up but lucky for me my DH was very supportive. I went to see a lactation consultant at the hospital he was born at and she helped me to get him latching on. Because of the way the roof of his mouth was he couldn't get a latch and needed extra help. It took about two weeks before things got better.
Also, if you try and express some of your milk and rub it on the cracked area it works to heal it! I really works, and it's not painful like those OTC brands you buy that are so thick.
And another thing the LC suggested was get the baby to learn how to suck first...use your pinky finger, put some of your milk on it and bend it so it is towards the roof of her mouth and she'll learn to suck rather then you get upset and frustrated trying to teach on the breast.
Good Luck
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