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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

I have a 20 month old and his big brother who is 30 months.
The big brother is speaking in 3-5 word sentences like
I don't want to ( to could be replaced with shower, sit down, pick up, or many of the other things he doesn't want to do)
Where daddy do?
We go swimming?
I play rock and roll.
I want to eat.
I turning around. (he likes to make himself dizzy LOL)
Mummy Look! I jumping.
the little brother who is 20 months has just started with 2-3 word sentences in the last couple weeks(that i noticed) To day we were in the truck and his shoe fell off. He said "Oh No! My Shoes"
Go bye bye! fllowed by one of these. My shoes, Need shoes, where shoes?
Thank you
Thank um (your welcome)
Where Daddy?
Daddy bye Bye (there dad is always coming and going can you tell?)
Uh Oh
Oh No
He is at he stage where he is repeating everything he hears so he may say 2-3 word sentences that are more varied than what I listed. The stuff I put is stuff he says sporadically.

I'd say your son is doing great! There are times I can't even understand my own kids and I often need to translate for strangers.

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