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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Wow! My son is 14.5 months and nowhere near that advanced linguistically yet. I think mine is right on track, though. I do think having other kids around must make a big difference. My son is the only one so far. Wow that sentence yours said must have been shocking to hear!

So here's what my guy can say so far:

Mama (much more rare - he usually calls me Dada now, too)
Woof-Woof (dog and all other animals as well as the sounds they all make)
All Done
Love you (kind of)
Neh-Neh (nurse)
Uh-uh (No)
Ba! (banana)


Originally Posted by slingmama4 View Post
Well mine is a bit younger, but I thought I'd share. DD is only 15mo, and the 4th of four, so she's "had" to be an early talker to get her way and fight for what's hers.

It's mine!
I wanna bite. (sounds like iwannabi)
I wanna eat. (and lots more I wannas...)
Water (wa-yer)
Come on (sounds like comeon)
I want. I want.I want(over and over and over again til you give it to her!)
I wanna nur nur (when she wants to nurse)
Night Night.
By By
Shoes (soosa)
Please (peez)
Daddy, Mom-eeee, Rylan sounds like why-win, Nolan is just No, Gideon she hasn't tried, and she calls her self La-La.

Oh and the other day , not kidding, she yelled out our back door at the our dog when it was her nap time.... "Rylie, come inside and nur nur and go night night." (which sounded like Why-weeee um intye n nur nur n go niy niy!") I about dropped my jaw.

She picks up new words like everytime I say something to her. It blows me away that she is absorbing so much , so fast. I really don't remember my boys talking as well as she does so early.

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