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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

I'm working on my master's in speech pathology, your little one sounds perfectly normal especially since he's just had tubes put in so he probably missed out on quite a bit before the tubes.

My DD will be 2 in June and she talks on and on, she's got a constant running dialogue.

She says:
don't like it (we've been hearing that a lot lately, "don't yike it")
Mama come too, Daddy come too
Molly go outside now? (Now is at the end of many statements!)
Look window now
Need crackers and cheese please
Goldfish please Mama (we've really been working on nice manners)
No Thank you Mama
Lightning scare Molly (Yighting is how she says it)

That's all that comes to mind, but like I said its a constant running dialogue, so most of her statements are 3-4+ words. She almost always refers to herself in the third person as well, I don't know why.
Also whining, she's got that down!
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