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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Originally Posted by AngelW View Post
Wow! My son is 14.5 months and nowhere near that advanced linguistically yet. I think mine is right on track, though. I do think having other kids around must make a big difference. My son is the only one so far. Wow that sentence yours said must have been shocking to hear!

So here's what my guy can say so far:

Mama (much more rare - he usually calls me Dada now, too)
Woof-Woof (dog and all other animals as well as the sounds they all make)
All Done
Love you (kind of)
Neh-Neh (nurse)
Uh-uh (No)
Ba! (banana)

I'm sure he's just fine My DD is 16 months and doesn't say much more than that.

My oldest is 27 months and is speaking in some sentences.

I don't like it/I like it
I want/don't want (insert what she does/doesn't want here)
All done
It's ok Ali (when her sister cries)
Daddy go to work
Go potty
Kayla poo poo
Eat in my chair
Mama/Daddy help me/I help you
Thank you very much (sounds like tank ooo vmuch)
Go for a walk
I do it
Kayla's turn

She babbles a lot in long sentences, and usually only 4 or 5 words are actual words. I think she has a lot more to say, but can't quite put it together yet But DH and I can usually figure out what she means.
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