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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

DD is 2.5 and is speaking in full sentences. At 12mo, dc did an evaluation noting her as being behind verbally. I was unconcerned. At 15mo, same thing. I spoke to the pedi who said not to worry, work on naming things and encouraging her to speak. At 18mo, she’d gained a couple of words. Pedi was happy said not to worry, a language explosion was coming. Then IT happened. The language explosion.

The dam burst and she HAS NOT STOPPED TALKING. Seriously. The instant her eyes open to the instant they fall shut. It’s a constant stream of talking.

Sometimes, we have to tell her too much talking not enough eating b/c meals are taking more htan 1hr b/c she’s talking so much. So, now, she’ll say Excuse me mommy, excuse me daddy, too much talking. She sings, tells stories.

For the most part we understand every word. Her teachers understand her fairly well too. Strangers don’t always get it.

So, its quite possible that his speech is a little delayed due to the ear infections but keep encouraging him to use his words, keep naming items as you see them and it’ll happen.

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