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Re: Constant nursing thru night and no schedule is killing me

I personally don't think the child setting the routine it best at all, not unless you have the kind of baby that is regular all on their own. We started very early with ours as far as routines go (not a schedule, that's a bit rigid). I get them up at the same time every day and lay them down awake for their naps at pretty much the same times. If they need to eat and they are still sleeping, I wake them. The co-sleeping is really gonna hurt the all night thing. Put her in her own room, or at least her own bed. Once their eating gets regular and their metabolism settles into a routine, they start sleeping better. Feed her if she's hungry, but only allow full feedings and not snacking every hour or 2. It will likely take a bit to get things to click, but I think you can do it. If you have any questions, please pm me. Oh, my first was sleeping 10 hours by 10 weeks and my second was sleeping 10 hours by 9 weeks (both EBF). Sounds nice, doesn't it?
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