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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

Well by 18 months Kearnan was speaking in complete sentences and sounded like a tiny 5yr old, but then he regressed and couldn't speak at all for a very long time. Tharen has been pretty single minded on his physical development (walking early, climbing early, running, jumping ect) but kept right on a pretty normal track for speech until he hit two. Then he had a word explosion. Now he is a tiny chatter box. He never stops. He talks away all day long. He is 29 months now, so almost 2.5yrs and he can speak pretty understandably most of the time and in pretty decent length sentences. His vocabulary is well over 500 words, and growing every day. He likes to play pretend and his favorite is his belief that he is a monster. The most common phrase these days is "I monster, grum, I eat you. grum grum grum." Or "Kerny come play with me." (he can't say Kearnan). Or "where is daddy?" BUt I think my favorite so far was when he carried on a long conversation with the woman who brings her therapy dog in to OCHB to visit the kids on Tusedays. We were just sitting there when Tharen decided that he needed to tell her about all of our dogs genitalia (he discovered that Duke had a penis a couple months ago and has been facinated ever since). So it went somethign like

"Duke hab penis."
"I hab penis"
"Kisa hab no penis"
"Kisa hab bulba"
"I hab two puppies."

Thanks goodness I don't think she really understood him. He has a little voice and there was alot going on with other kids wanting to pet the dog and just general therapy center noise. He's usually so shy with strangers, but apparently he decided this particular stranger needed to know all about our pets privates.
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