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Re: couple of newbie questions - help?

Originally Posted by spryght View Post
I have a Medela Freestyle that I love, love, love. Works basically the same as the PISA but has a rechargeable battery and attachments for hooking the bottles to a nursing bra so you can pump hands free.

Thank you - I'll look into that, since I'll be pumping during my prep period at work and will also need to get actual work work done, too.

How long will you be at work? I'm gone from my LO about 10 hours and she has 12oz of milk and some baby food while I'm gone (I didn't go back to work full time until LO was 6 months, worked part time from 3-6 months which was actually harder milkwise). Another possibility is pumping one time during the night after your LO goes to sleep or in the morning before she wakes up. Also hope that you are a good producer for the pump.

I'll be gone from 7:30-3:30 ish. Good news is the sitter is directly across the street from school and I can bring the boob to her if pumping doesn't work out, and run over there as soon as needed after school.

Not sure about this as I never changed sizes much myself, but I have seen several places that suggest getting a couple of sleep bras or nursing tanks for the period right after birth. They are a bit stretchier and less fitted so they allow for size changes better.

Cool - I have one already - will have to get more. What's your fave brand? I saw some at target...

I personally believe that one of the biggest contributors to nursing success is just deciding that it will be successful, that and education. That's the basis that I used when deciding whether to buy a pump before my LO was born or not. Of course I bought it.

funnily enough, that's my philosophy on cd'ing
Originally Posted by RobertsMomma3 View Post

AND, I TOTALLY reccommend Gerber cool breast gel pads. Those first few weeks that are real rough and your breasts are sore.. seriously, these things are AMAZING. I bought mine from Meijer..
Thank you - I'll pick some up.

Thanks for the responses!
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