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Please Help, Im at the end of my rope...**UPDATED**

I am not sure whats going on with my little one, or my supply. First let me say I am not completely sure if this is teething or supply related...I am treating it as the later.

I had been pumping and donating for the last few months...I took a few weeks of pumping and just last week started trying to pump again. My little one won't stay on either breast long..he just comes off and screams. I am no longer feeling let down, which used to be very strong feeling or even painful at times. I can't squeeze any milk out and not getting even a drop from pumping.

I am afraid he is hungry, but he wont take a bottle...he just chews on the nipple. The last week, he has gone from my happy baby to crying all the time and not napping at all during the day.

I am offering the breast at least every hour, taking fenugreek and drinking loads of water...What do I do? Im at the end of my rope. I even let him cry for about 15 min in his swing because I just was so overwhelmed..I had to take a moment, and thats just not like me.

I decided to take him to the Dr. this morning, just to rule out any medical issues..well, he has a really bad ear infection in one ear so I assume this is our problem. My poor baby, but I am glad its not a supply issue.
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