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The insatiable need to suck...?? What's happening?

Has shown up at 9 weeks?? What's with that??

Yesterday he nursed from about 12-8 constant- I maybe had an hour in between a couple of feeds, but he would latch, suck a few and then the eyes would roll back into his head, but if I unlatched him, the eyes POP open and awake he is rooting! AH! I thought maybe growth spurt, but then at 845 after I was still nursing him, he passed out and slept till 4:45 am (that's normal for him to sleep that long). So surely if it was a growth spurt he would have nursed more at night, right??

So today I had a class at work from 8-12- he took 2 bottles of 3 oz each at the sitter and was super happy. The last bottle was about 15 mins before I got home. When we got home at 1 he ate back and forth for an hour, fell asleep, but when I unlatched the same thing happened as yesterday- root root root. I know he's not hungry! He has NEVER taken a paci well, but I need a nap badly and I don't want to sit in a chair with my boob in his mouth so he can sleep when he's never done this before and he's not eating anyway, so I get out a MAM paci- nope, a soothie, nope, a nuk and BAM- he's sucking away and away and sleeping. WHAT'S GOING ON?! He hate's pacis!
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