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Re: couple of newbie questions - help?

Yes, I think the Target nursing tanks are great (and cheap!!!). I wear them all the time, even now at 9 months. And I used to be an exclusively underwire girl.

Since you say you will be pumping during your prep period I'm assuming your a teacher, right? Just a thought/ some information. My mom breastfed me as a teacher in the days of basically no pumps available. She went back to work when I was 4 months old. She nursed me before she dropped me off at the sitters. I had one bottle of formula a day at the sitters. Then she nursed me as soon as she picked me up in the afternoon and throughout the evening. We nursed until 9 months when I had a nursing strike. Since the information wasn't really out there at the time my mom thought I had just weaned. All of that to say that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Its good to start out trying for all, but as long as you've got a good, established supply before you start supplementing you can probably still keep nursing even if you can't pump enough.

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