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Re: couple of newbie questions - help?

Yeah, I do teach - that's why only the one time a day to pump. Our lunches are *supposed* to be unencumbered, but they're not - I can't count on having a stable lunch time to pump, so the best i can do is (hopefully) have a plan right before lunch - and that's only if the schedule works out, which i may not know for a few months yet. I can't exactly ditch my class to go pump.

That is a really good suggestion to try to use the same schedule at home as I will at work - with the bottle mid-morning and all.

We have decided to go with the medela bottles - I have 20 on the way, so we should be good there.

I looked at nursing bras tonight - the woman at the dressing room at target annoyed me, so I didn't get anything there, and the walmart ones were a little....idk....offputting in their little plastic packages.

Question - do you think renting a pump for right after birth would be a good thing to do? I just don't know if dh will go for shelling out for the medela pump right away - maybe I need to try talking with him more.

And looking at those pumps, with all the tubes and breast shells and dials and such - are they hard to figure out? i can read a manual, but the pisa looks like a still.
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