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Re: couple of newbie questions - help?

Originally Posted by Katherine View Post
And looking at those pumps, with all the tubes and breast shells and dials and such - are they hard to figure out? i can read a manual, but the pisa looks like a still.

You know I can bf in front of just about anyone... I don't like pumping in front of anyone. It seems so weird and awkward. My son is so interested now tho, so I talk to him about what I am doing. (It is funny, he even tried to put the shield to his chest to "make milk for baby" )

It is not difficult at all to use though. Put the shields/couplers together, twist em onto a bottle, jam the works to your chest and off you go! The advance will have a lighter, faster suction a first and then will slow. I try to do this with my original, but it is more of a hassle, especially if I am not at a table and am trying to hang onto everything. At work, I lower my chair as low as it goes and set the bottles into the stabilizer things. Then I can rest those on my legs, lean the back of the couplers against the drawer in the middle of my desk and then I can use my hands to type, or surf the net, or buy diapers!
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