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Re: couple of newbie questions - help?

You are already getting some great advice hear. I don't pump, so I don't have too much advise there.

2 - I will only be able to pump once a day at work, around 11 or 11:30-ish. I can pump again after 3, but I could also just cross the street and pick up the baby and nurse at the sitters then, too, which I'd rather do. I've been reading about people needing to pump multiple times a day while at work. Has anyone successfully done it with just one pumping session while at work?
You body will adjust to what your baby needs. I'm not sure about getting enough milk, but I assume it would be okay. Comfortwise, it will take a little while, but as soon as your body learns the routine, your good to go.

3 - What would you suggest i stock up on before birth? I'm thinking nipple butter, but what else? I'm making my own breast pads, and am looking for nursing bras and such.
My boobs could have od'ed on lanolin cream at the beginning. I also second the cooling pads. I don't remember what brand I had, but they were like a gel that stuck on and could be put in the freezer and reused. Nursing tanks are great too. They make discrete public nursing and night nursing a breeze.

4 - How long was it until you were at a stable bra size after giving birth? Maybe that's an ignorant question, but with dd, by boobs were HUGE right after birth, then shrunk right back when I did not nurse. How do I know what size bra to get? I'm a 34B pre-pregnancy and am about a 36C right now.
I envy you B and C cups. My boobs are either huge or huger.
I think they started to go down a little at about 10 months, but I think that mine took longer to get the memo on some let down issues too, so I may be an extreme case.

5 - My dh doesn't want to buy a pump until we know if I'm going to be successful at bf'ing, but I am concerned about building up a freezer stash...I have a manual pump now, would that be enough to begin with, or should I really get a good electric pump now or just after birth to really get a good stash going?
I was going to suggest renting here, but then you mentioned it.

6 - I'm terrified of the baby not taking a bottle - my bff's ds did that and she had to quit work. What bottles/nipple combos have worked for you? I am also concerned about getting bpa free bottles, but glass is not an option b/c the sitter doesn't want them around the other kids - too much chance they'll break.
ds wont take one either. But in the past, the closest he has come to taking one, I was nowhere to be found. If I were in the room, he just didn't see the point when there is a perfectly good boob there.

7 - if you wish you'd known one thing or done one thing differently when you started, what is it?
Nope, I'm perfect. Well not really, but I can't think of anything right now.

Oh wait maybe to have attempted a nursing schedule earlier on, but I have no clue how to do that.
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