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Re: couple of newbie questions - help?

Regarding the pump - I got a new PIS on craigslist, sealed in the box, for $165 - so deals are out there. It works fine for me I guess - I had to buy larger shields, but that's not Medela's fault lol. I've never tried any other pump so I don't know how it works for me compared to anything else. I will say, though, that I almost never double pump because it's just a PITA. So a Medela Swing would probably have been fine for me. If you're pumping at work, you'll probably need to double pump to save time, so you'll probably want a hands free pumping bra. Otherwise you'll never be able to hang on to everything, and if you ever do get set up right, your nose will itch lol. Also, you can pump at night after LO goes to sleep and again in the morning and build a stash in your freezer for when pumping once a day isn't enough. By the way, I LOVE the Lansinoh freezer storage bags. As far as the bottle, I introduced one at 4 weeks, and just had DH give a supplemental 2 oz at his bed time feeding. That way I wasn't missing a nursing session, but he had his practice with the bottle. Oh, and we use Playtex Drop-Ins... BPA free!
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