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Re: Co-sleeping mamas...?

James was conceived on the floor in the "office" while DJ slept in our bed. Now that the boys are old enough to play alone for a little while at a time, we've been able to get "quickies" while they are playing (we have a baby gate that blocks off the back half of the house so no chance of them walking in although I guess I'll always have fond memories of dtd while DJ's in the other room yelling "Mommy..what are y'all doing? I wanna help!"

Honestly, if you've got that many people living in the house, they should understand the need for a little grownup time and maybe they can entertain your dd in another room while you and dh have a little playtime in your room or even better, maybe they can take her out to the grocery store or something and give you free run of the house for a couple of hours so you can try out all the possibilities!
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