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Re: So I thought the third baby............

Have you looked into what you are eating? Maybe she is sensitive about what you eat? With my 1st boy I had to be very careful about what I ate while I was nursing him. Then he still had allergies gallore when we tried to feed him solids. He nursed solely the 1st 15m.
As for the hubbie... they can be so tricky to deal with eh? Just let him have space. The baby can definetly sense tension be it yours or his. He will come around. Most of all you have to stay calm and try not to get frustrated yourself. My needy child is just very sensitive to other peoples moods and an excess of sensory stimulations. Reacting with crying as a baby and then acting out when they got older. They have to have more hugs and calm, calm, calm! turn off the extra noise, and enjoy the ride because its gonna be wild. Always something new with a needy one.
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