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Re: The insatiable need to suck...?? What's happening?

My Ds started doing the same thing around 9 to 10 wks. He is now 7 months and when we get home fromt he sitters he wants to sit on my boob for hours if I let him. I can ussually distract him with toys at this point. But he will want to nurse then suck even if he was fed only a 1/2 hour before by the sitter. I think it's a bonding with mom thing. What babe wouldn't want to snuggle up with mom and rest happily in their arms for hours on end. When i need to rest and he's fussy for my nurse/sucking, I lay in bed with him next to me. I live with it. I know at some point he will not want to be so close to me all the time, so I am chershing it even if I need to put housework on hold.

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