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What To look for in a baby carrier

What To look for in a baby carrier

Mei Tais

Strap fabrics need to bemade of a strong bottom weight fabric( twill, denim,canvas)
Mei Tais Panels, should have 3 layers, an inner layer of canvas(sandwiched between the 2 visible fabrics), with an additional layer of the bottom weight (twill,denim,canvas) fabric, 1 addtional layer is good 2 is best.
Where straps join the body, there should be x-boxs/reinforcment stitching. If you don't see this type of stitching on the front look at the under side. Some manufacturers make these stitches on the bottom 2 layers.

Pouch slings

Slings should be constructed with a layer of home decorator weight fabric twill, denim, canvas. There are carriers of this type that have fancy fabrics, brocade silk etc. Just check that they are double layered pouch slings.
Seams on pouch slings should be french/felled combination seam, There should be more than 1 line of stitching on the outside of the carrier. Ask the maker if there are 3 lines of stitching. 3 is good, 4 is best. Also be sure a premium quality, or heavy duty thread is being used. You do NOT want a cheap thread all weight bears on this stitching alone.

Ring Slings

Ask the maker which rings are used? are they weight tested? Any decent ring has been weight tested.
SHoulder stitching, Your shoulder should have at least 5 lines of strait stitching if your not sure of thread type used.
If you know the manufacturer has used a premium quality thread 3 lines is sufficient.
Fabrics should be a woven med weight material.
Quiter cotton should not be used for slings.
Brocades and silks should be used with an additional layer.
Dupioni and Shantung (silk) is sometimes used in a single layer with light weight babies (under 20#)
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