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Re: Natural deodorant that actually works, anyone?

Sorry I don't have time to read the whole 11 pages to see if anyone already mentioned this.. but not sure if you know this or not. It takes time for the body to stop producing the bacteria. It can take up to 2 months of time for this process to happen - sometimes more. During that time, nothing is going to seem to work. You may as well use nothing, in fact, just wash your armpits every day. I like the crystal rock, but it did take me about two full months to stop being stinky... AND when I got pregnant, about five years later, I smelled more than I ever had before. The best time to start detoxing your body is NOT in the summer, but in the fall or winter when it is cooler and you don't sweat as much. Well, I guess the process might go faster in the summer, but could be much stronger smelling. Good luck!

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