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Re: Now a supply issue -WHAT ELSE?!

Honestly, I'd just wake him, even if it alters his schedule a little, it's better to have to spend a week later putting his schedule back on track, then risk losing your supply. Supply is so tricky, if you start dropping and don't correct it, it's all downhill and hard to back it up.

But honestly nothing can boost your supply like a baby suckling, so even if you just have to slightly wake him up in the night to get him to comfort nurse more, not even just eating but comfort nursing, even that'll help. And give it a few days, don't despair, even if he lost an ounce or two he can make up for it once your supply boosts back up. Maybe you don't even have a supply issue and he's just slowing up on the weight gain naturally. I would never base supply issues off how breasts feel, whether you can feel let down, baby weight gain or how much you can pump, ALWAYS base supply off if your bub is getting enough wet diapers a day. Output is directly related to input, if he's getting his 6-8 wet ones a day he is getting enough to drink.
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