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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

ive always been told by the pedi that dd1 was a bit advanced verbally (not that i really care bc they all develop at their own rate) but i remember at the beginning of this 2nd yr she was rambling on and on and on about everything 3-5 word sentences. now she is almost 3 (july 8th) and i swear she doesnt miss a beat it like having a conversation with myself some days. just playing alone with her toys she says BIIIIIG sentences like ' hi, im the mommy and your the daddy and this is the baby - baby needs a bath.' she just rambles like me. she started talking at about a year and never stopped to breathe lol but unless she has a cold and is all nasal sounding pretty much everyone can understand her. she's like a 5 yr old in a tiny little body - started signing back to me at about a year & still signs to us.

dd2 has been babbling since she was about 5 months. she is almost 11 months now and has a slew of words. so far i think she has put mama buh bye or daddy buh bye together she's just earlier than i thought lol - she is just starting to sign as well.
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