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Re: What does your 2 yr old say? Any 2-3+ word sentences?

I remember coming to DS when Asher was about 12m and reading a language thread like this. All the mamas were talking about what their LO's were saying at a year old, and almost all of them were way ahead of Asher. I felt so bad and thought for sure he was terribly behind. We had "Help Me Grow" (the under 3 evaluation program for our area) come out to our house and I asked her specifically about his language. She actually told me he was slightly above average. So yeah, don't compare your kid to other kids, it doesn't really tell you anything! Plus I think it is probably even worse on an internet parenting forum like this. I think parents who are excited about their children's language skills are more likely to answer, so you end up comparing your child to a bunch of kids who are actually excelling in language.

To answer your question, DS started sentences at around 21 months, but they were pretty simple sentences. I can't really remember examples, but I do remember his first sentence, which was "I want to turn on the light." He did go through a language explosion sometime after the age of two, and is now (at 2.5) is very advanced verbally. (which of course, is why I felt compelled to answer ) He tells stories, sings songs, uses lots of details, speaks in paragraphs, and strangers can understand about 75%-85% of what he says (depending on the person).

Honestly though, your DS doesn't seem behind at all, and I'm sure he will go through a language explosion soon, surprising all of you and surpassing your expectations!

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