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Re: Now a supply issue -WHAT ELSE?!

Originally Posted by tararaboomdeea View Post
I would wake him, too. You can do a "dream feed". You just pick him up and offer your breast by rubbing them on his lips. He will wake up enough to nurse, but won't really be fully awake. Try to do that at least once during the night rather than hooking yourself up to the pump. He will stimulate your milk production better than the pump will.

Is he fussy and acting like he's still hungry after he has nursed for 10 full minutes on each side? If he seems satisfied and is sleeping well at night, I think he's probably getting enough. You can try Mothers Milk Tea, oatmeal (pure oats, not instant) and increase your foods rich in vit. B.
The biggest problem with waking him is that if he doesn't want to eat, he WON'T. He's always been like that. In the earlier days when I had a ton of milk I would try and get him to eat before he was ready and I would try EVERYTHING- he would just stick his tongue out. The other day I tried to nurse him at 6am instead of 8am and I could NOT get him to latch on. He just didn't want to! Last night was better- he seemed more content. He's always been a super nurser and only nurses for about 5 mins max on each side. I was worried at first but when his weight picked up every week it seemed ok. Last evening I was just switching him back and forth back and forth until he was full and that seemed to do the trick better. I think wet diapers are fine, but he doesn't poop. He hasn't gone since Sunday. I hear that's normal for bf babies, but I still worry about it.
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