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Is it a plugged duct??

Hello everyone! I have had a pain in my right breast since Friday afternoon (it is Monday afternoon now) that has not gone away.

It is VERY sore to the touch. I know it is not mastitis because all the other times I've had it, I've become very sick very quickly. There SEEMS to be a smallish lump, but it is hard to tell because of all the other milk glands around the area.

I've tried nursing acrobatics, heat pads, massage, long showers, thinking positive thoughts....nothing has worked !

I called my local LLL and she said either plugged duct, mastitis or thrush. I don't think it is thrush. I don't think it is mastitis, though the "duct" hasn't responded to anything I've tried so far.

And, of course, I could be imagining things, but yesterday morning the breast was A LOT larger than the other one. It is typically bigger on its own, but it seemed like it grew a bunch. Now that I've been looking at it for a day, it seems normal...

Any ideas? I feel so FRUSTRATED!!!!!!
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