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Re: Loveys etc. questions

DD just sort of latched onto one of the many yarn blankets that I used to cover her in her crib. At first, any blanket made of soft yarn would do (took me awhile to figure out that if she was fussing and wouldn't go to sleep, a blanket would cure the problem). Now, she's attached to one particular blanket that I made her. I had to make another just like it (I hate crocheting blankets) in order to launder "the woobie" without a major meltdown. She's 2 1/2, been attached to a woobie since she was about 9 months old. If I were trying to get her attached to a lovey, I'd just be sure to always have it on hand at naptimes, when cuddling, and when comforting during the many self-inflicted injuries that LOs get.
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